P.R.O.U.D. of my transgender child

P.R.O.U.D. of my transgender child
Titel: P.R.O.U.D. of my transgender child
5 steps to support a child that is different
Auteur: Wilhelmina Woortman
Bestelnr.: 9789492926296
Verschenen: 14-9-2018
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"Has she already been converted?" Wilhelmina Woortman hears this constantly. Her 13-year-old daughter Emma is a transgender. Both are horrified by this question. 'It's none of your business', Wilhelmina would prefer to answer. Inappropriate questions, bullying by school children and incomprehension from the outside world, the road to (self) acceptance is long and full of hurdles. How do you accompany a child that is different? P.R.O.U.D of my Transgender Child is the story of a mother with a transgender daughter. A mother who wants to protect her child against the outside world. She wants to help her to grow and blossom. But sometimes it encounters its own shortcomings. With this book full of inspiration, tips and the P.R.O.U.D method, Wilhelmina Woortman offers much-needed tools to parents, teachers and care workers of transchildren. THE AUTHOR Wilhelmina Woortman (1963) is an entrepreneur and guides people in her own practice with their personal development. She is a life coach, specialized in mindfulness and intercultural interaction. Wilhelmina lived in Australia for six years and is the proud mother of transgender daughter Emma. "Good information for parents with young children who are transgender is hardly available. That is precisely why I think it is so important that this book is written. It has become a beautiful and penetrating story, where the reader will be surprised at the courage that has been necessary to put this story on paper. " drs. Jur Botter, MPA - Alderman Haarlem "Wilhelmina talks about the transformation process with her daughter Emma, the reactions from theirenvironment and the impact on the family. The way in which Wilhelmina always knows how to turn the many setbacks into something positive is admirable. " Dr. Martijn Finken, Pediatrician, VUmc



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