Fresh place

Fresh place
Titel: Fresh place
how a Dutch food retail concept conquers the world
Auteur: Rupert Parker Brady
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Verschenen: 13-8-2014
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`What makes the La Place concept unique, is its general transparency about how the food is produced, the transparency in the overall supply chain and the level of engagement between the cook or server whos helping the customer in making his choice. Michiel Bakker, director Global Food Services, Google Inc. The Dutch fresh food concept La Place has the ambition to become a global retail chain. Owned by Sun Capital it has the resources. Over the past 25 years the brand has won international acclaim from food lovers, retail experts and competitors. Its restaurants and cafés promise freshly prepared products, front cooking, natural ingredients, local sourcing and dedicated staff. La Place has won since 1987 the hearts and appetits of millions of customers through all walks of life, young and old. Now La Place is hungry to wet the appetites of consumers worldwide, opening stores in Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East. La Place is entering the US market, opening a La Place restaurant in Googles New York office. This book presents an indepth analysis in the rationale behind the fresh food concept, based on extensive interviews with founder Paul Bringmann, an internationally respected food pioneer.



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