Titel: Graduation
challenge accepted
Auteur: Alexander de Haan
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Verschenen: 15-6-2016
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How are you going to make yourself and your graduation project stand out? How are you going to make sure that your graduation represents you and everything that you are capable of, instead of what all students in your program can do? The only way to do this is to make your thesis entirely your project. And the only way to do that is to continuously take initiative, stay active and most importantly, stay in charge of your work. Nobody should get to steer you in directions that you do not want to go. This book will challenge you and your current perspective on your upcoming graduation. It will change it into a very practical and useful perspective. In seven chapters we will give our views, ideas and practical tips of what it means to be in charge of your own graduation, how you can benefit from it and what being the leader of the project actually entails. We encourage you to create a realistic and very workable graduation attitude by using a combination of practical tips and tricks, questions, small exercises and examples from both students and teachers who have been through the process of graduation.



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