Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance
Titel: Accounting & Finance
a basic introduction
Auteur: Ewoud Jansen
Bestelnr.: 9789460942679
Verschenen: 24-1-2011
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This book is about finance and accounting, subjects widely discussed in many other books. What sets this book apart from most others is that it discusses all the basic aspects of finance and accounting in one single textbook. Three areas of interest are discussed:<br/>&#191; Financial Management;<br/>&#191; Management Accounting;<br/>&#191; Financial Accounting.<br/><br/>Typically, these three subjects are treated separately as individual topics. They are closely related, however, since they all deal with the many financial issues facing business organizations. All topics are discussed at an introductory level, which makes this book very useful for introductory courses on finance & accounting. This book will be of interest to students preparing for a more in depth study of the topics later in their curriculum as well as for those who need a basic yet comprehensive introduction to the subject. The book&#191;s intended audience is students following bachelor programs of business science. However, it may also be suitable for master program students, especially for those students whose focus is more on practical relevance than on academic theory.



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