BiSLŪ Foundation Courseware Package - English

BiSLŪ Foundation Courseware Package - English
Titel: BiSLŪ Foundation Courseware Package - English
Auteur: Frank Outvorst
Bestelnr.: 9789401801928
Verschenen: 5-7-2017
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The Courseware package consist out of two publications, BiSLŪ Foundation courseware - English (ISBN: 978 94 018 0189 8) and BiSLŪ - A Framework for Business Information Management - 2nd edition (ISBN: 978 90 875 3702 9). The courseware addresses the principles of BiSL and the defined process framework. The principles and the framework as a whole are addressed: the operational processes ( the clusters of use management, functionalities management and connecting processes), the management processes and the strategy processes. The material consists of a mix of theory using a slide set, practical exercises including case studies and additionally the student can practice with two practice exams. There is a lot of room for exchange of experiences, always going back to the theory. This training prepares you for the APMG-examination "BiSL Foundation". In the training, the basic subjects and principles of BiSL are addressed. Target audience: everyone who is active in the area of business information management and wants to understand the BiSL framework and learn the principles of BiSL. BiSLŪ is a Registered Trade Mark of the ASL BiSL Foundation



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