Animation maths

Animation maths
Titel: Animation maths
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An accessible and practical guide to animation programming In effective animation programming, one must be able to rely on theoretical knowledge as well as research-based insights in applicability. This updated version of Animation Maths contains an overview of both. In addition to exploring collision detection, it also puts forward a discussion of programmable kinematics. These physics of motion, designed to complement programming, offer an invaluable tool in adding realism to games and animations. Furthermore, screen effects and image handling are taken to a professional level by a detailed outline of all the basic transformations. The uniqueness of this book lies in its calculus-free approach. In order to cover the basics of the discipline, Animation Maths contains a brief summary of the fundamentals in arithmetics, solving systems and trigonometry. Animation Maths is accompanied by the website which contains online support and useful downloads. 'Animation Maths achieves a perfect balance between deductive mathematics and broad accessibility, particularly through its interactive companion site.' Leo Storme (Pure Mathematics and Computer Algebra, UGent) 'With Animation Maths, Ivo De Pauw and Bieke Masselis present motion related mathematical subjects, ranging from trigonometry to quaternions and kinematics in an understandable fashion. It's a true game developers toolkit.' Fries Carton (Guerrilla Games, Amsterdam)



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