Locales of happiness

Locales of happiness
Titel: Locales of happiness
colonial irrigation in the Netherlands East Indies and its remains, 1830 - 1980
Auteur: M. Ertsen
Bestelnr.: 9789065622426
Uitgever: Delftsche Uitgevers-Mij
Verschenen: 9-3-2011
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European colonial policies of exploitation and development have always been closely associated with irrigation. In this book, Maurits Ertsen explores how the Dutch realized their irrigation efforts in their most important colony the Netherlands East Indies, modern Indonesia. Colonial agrarian policies, irrigation goals and technical goals appear to be closely linked in a so-called technological regime. Within the structuring context of this regime, irrigation engineers created what they perceived as locales of happiness for Javanese farmers and sugar industry. Although the agro-political realities in Indonesia and the world have dramatically changed after the Second World War, Dutch irrigation engineering continued to be based upon the design approach developed in the Netherlands East Indies. Contents: Preface 1.Tracing back a river 2. A juggling act 3. Impressing the Germans 4. One equation with many variables 5. A coherent organism 6. Our calculations are approximations 7. Rules in retrospect 8. I want to become an engineer 9. Technical construction of society References Notes Index http://www.vssd.nl/hlf/f043.htm



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