Fundamentals of business engineering and management

Fundamentals of business engineering and management
Titel: Fundamentals of business engineering and management
a systems approach topeople and organisations
Auteur: W. ten Haaf
Bestelnr.: 9789065622273
Uitgever: Delftsche Uitgevers-Mij
Verschenen: 31-10-2009
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<p>Fundamentals of Business Engineering and Management</p><br/><p>A systems approach to people and organisations</p><br/><p>The approach to management problems introduced in this book is known as the 'Delft School of Business Engineering and Management' approach. It is a school of thought that is well known in the Netherlands and which has proved to be successful. Outside the Netherlands interest in this approach is also increasing.</p><br/><p>This Delft method has been developed at the renowned University of Technology in Delft. When summarised the method may be characterised in the following main ways:</p><br/><p>Business means: service provided for people, by people;</p><br/><p>With the analysis and therapy attached to organisation problems it is best for one to look at processes and to describe those processes according to the systems and model approach;</p><br/><p>An interdisciplinary approach is what best suits modern, complex problems of leadership and organisation;</p><br/><p>This book has in the first place been written to help up and coming managers, students still in training or managers with a technological background to orient themselves to the way in which companies and institutions operate. The book is also of interest to colleagues with different backgrounds who are interested in adopting a systematic approach to management problems.</p><br/><p>Contents</p><br/><p>Preliminaries</p><br/><p>PART ONE. Systems approach to organisations</p><br/><p>1 Business engineering and management, an introduction to the field of study</p><br/><p>2 Companies in the context of society</p><br/><p>3 Introduction to the system approach</p><br/><p>4 The main functions in an enterprise</p><br/><p>5 Organising operations</p><br/><p>6 Management of product development from a life cycle perspective 1</p><br/><p>7 Management of product development from a life cycle perspective 2</p><br/><p>8 Objectives and policy</p><br/><p>9 The integration and application of models</p><br/><p>PART TWO. Systems approach to co-operation</p><br/><p>10 Basic forms of co-operation</p><br/><p>11 Working together in a task group</p><br/><p>12 A fundamental problem approach model</p><br/><p>13 Forms of leadership</p><br/><p>14 A history of management</p><br/><p>PART THREE. Economic aspects of entrepreneurship</p><br/><p>15 Cost price calculations 1 principles and main outlines</p><br/><p>16 Cost price calculations 2 principles and main outlines</p><br/><p>17 Market mechanisms</p><br/><p>References</p><br/><p>Index</p><br/><p></p><br/>



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