From polymers to plastics

From polymers to plastics
Titel: From polymers to plastics
Auteur: A.K. van der Vegt
Bestelnr.: 9789065622228
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Verschenen: 31-10-2009
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From Polymers to Plastics<br/><br/>The two words in the title of this book, 'polymers' and 'plastics', could<br/>be considered as referring to two different worlds. In the world of<br/>polymers, the properties of chain molecules are in the focus of attention,<br/>and are subject of thorough theoretical studies. <br/>In the world of plastics, the end-use performance of the technically used<br/>materials counts, as well as their behaviour in the various processing<br/>operations in which they are transformed into finished articles.<br/>Nevertheless, these two worlds are closely related to each other. The<br/>typical behaviour of plastics materials, strongly deviating from other<br/>materials, can only be understood on the basis of the chain properties. <br/>In this book an attempt has been made to give a survey of polymer<br/>properties, and of the way these are, on the one hand, governed by their<br/>molecular structure, and are, on the other hand, responsible for the<br/>technological behaviour of plastics materials. As a result of this<br/>intention, cross-references are given throughout the whole book: every<br/>aspect of polymer science and of plastics technology is closely related to<br/>practically every other aspect!<br/>In each chapter lots of questions and exercises have been included. The<br/>solutions to the problems can be found on this URL.<br/>Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Molecular composition 3. Glassy state and<br/>glass-rubber transition 4. Crystalline polymers 5. Rubbery and liquid<br/>phases 6. Visco-elasticity 7. Mechanical properties 8. Further<br/>properties 9. Polymeric compounds and composites 10, Processing<br/>techniques 11. Data om materials Literature Index<br/><br/>



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A.K. van der Vegt
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A.K. van der Vegt
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