An Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics

An Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics
Titel: An Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics
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Verschenen: 31-10-2009
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An introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics<br/><br/>This book is aimed at students in the fields of molecular or life science<br/>and technology. It introduces thermodynamics as a predictive tool and<br/>discusses the spontaneity of chemical reactions and the power that can be<br/>obtained from fuel cells.<br/>The emphasis of the first part is on applications of the Second Law of<br/>Thermodynamics on (bio)chemical processes and the Gibbs energy is<br/>introduced as the predictive quantity. The First Law of Thermodynamics is<br/>introduced merely to manage the energy resources. The last chapter of the<br/>first part deals with the efficiency of processes where the role of<br/>entropy is discovered.<br/>The second part is devoted to chemical and physical equilibria. The<br/>various relations that exist for equilibria are exposed as universally<br/>related to the Gibbs energy. Ideal mixing relations and ideal solution<br/>relations are constantly being used as a simplified approach to the real<br/>situation. In the last chapter of this part, the deviations from ideality<br/>are assessed and the magnitude of the fugacity and activity coefficients<br/>is critically discussed.<br/>The book is also aimed at chemical engineering students. These need to<br/>know more about processes and their efficiencies. Therefore the third part<br/>of the book is devoted to distributed processes. In the first chapter some<br/>important aspects of formal thermodynamics are discussed, in particular<br/>the role of entropy to identify equilibrium and stability. The second<br/>chapter of this part continues this discussion and introduces the concept<br/>of internal entropy production. To discuss these two issues, systems are<br/>subdivided into two parts that are not necessarily in equilibrium: the<br/>system is inhomogeneous. The last chapter of this part explains how fully<br/>inhomogeneous and flowing systems can be dealt with and how entropy<br/>production can be managed.<br/>The fourth - and new - part of the book contains applications to<br/>macromolecular systems where solution properties, binding phenomena and<br/>membranes are discussed. This part has been added to provide material for<br/>a more advanced course. The topics dealt with in these chapters are<br/>relatively modern and appropriate references to the relevant literature<br/>are made. The author has tried to present this material from a few<br/>unifying concepts so as to demonstrate the analogy between the various<br/>treatments in the current literature. Also, the relation to colloid<br/>science - even though dealing more with particles than with macromolecules<br/>- is discussed.<br/>Contents<br/>Preface<br/>Part I - Processes in Chemistry and Biochemistry<br/>1 Overview <br/>2 Spontaneity of processes<br/>3 Available work<br/>4 Energy conservation<br/>5 Efficiency and entropy<br/>Part II - Chemical and Physical Equilibria<br/>6 General aspects of equilibria<br/>7 Phase equilibria of pure substances<br/>8 Capillary phenomena and adsorption<br/>9 Phase equilibria of mixtures<br/>10 Mixtures and colligative properties<br/>11 Non-ideal mixtures<br/>Part III - Distributed Processes<br/>12 Fundamentals of chemical thermodynamics<br/>13 Irreversible processes<br/>14 Flow processes<br/>Part IV - Macromolecular Systems<br/>15 Macromolecular solutions<br/>16 Macromolecular binding equilibria<br/>17 Membranes<br/>Index<br/><br/>http://www.delftacademicpress.nl/d008.php



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