Antarctica / Engelse editie

Antarctica / Engelse editie
Titel: Antarctica / Engelse editie
Auteur: Dick, Laurent
Bestelnr.: 9789020979770
Uitgever: Lannoo N.V., Uitgeverij
Verschenen: 27-3-2009
Prijs:€ 55,00
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Antarctica is an intimate and powerful visual celebration of a continent few will ever heve the opportunity to visit. 

Photographer Laurent Dick's stunning visual journey among towering icebergs and honking penguins is a personal invitation to stand in awe of Antarctica's wild and raw beauty. Turning the pages, one is filled with wonder at the dramatic interplay of light upon the living landscape. This sublime photographic collection adds to a growing body of visual work documenting Antarctica's ephemeral nature and intrinsic beauty. The striking imagery provides an important record of this untamed and vast continent while creating a connection ta a far-away place.



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