Amsterdam English edition

Amsterdam English edition
Titel: Amsterdam English edition
Auteur: Susanne Völler
Bestelnr.: 9789018052218
Uitgever: ANWB Media B.V.
Verschenen: 5-7-2018
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ANWB Extra Amsterdam - Netherlands Discover Amsterdam with ANWB Extra Amsterdam! Our capital has the largest historical center of Europe. With more than 7,000 listed buildings from the 16th to the 20th century, more than 80 museums and 100 galleries, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a weekend break. ANWB Extra Guide Amsterdam offers several routes through the city and many practical tips on hotels and transportation. Also you will find 15 inspiring sights that you should not miss during your city trip, including a visit to the Dam, shopping in the Nine Streets or relaxing in the greenest spot in the city: the Vondelpark. This little guide fits easily into your handbag and has a handy removable map with the best tips for hotels, shopping, food, drinks and entertainment. Extra is the most successful travel guide series in the Netherlands! With more than 5 million guides already sold, and about 108 different titles, this series provides a guide for every conceivable destination.



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