NIV- Study Bible Standard

NIV- Study Bible Standard
Titel: NIV- Study Bible Standard
Auteur: Bible - NIV
Bestelnr.: 9780310438922
Verschenen: 5-8-2012
Prijs:€ 44,95
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The World's bestselling, most comprehensive study Bible 

The NIV Study Bible is the #1 bestselling study Bible in the
world's most popular modern-English Bible translation - the
New International Version. If you're interested in a deeper
study of the meaning of God's Word, this is the Bible for you. 

This feauture-packed study Bible includes a stunning full-color
interior with photographs,maps,charts,and illustrations.
It provides you with just the right amount of study information,
placed in just the right location, to answer some of the most
pressing questions you have about God's Word and how it
connects to your life today.



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