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KJV Daily Promise Bible

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EAN : 9781624166501
Taal : English
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Verschenen : November 2013
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Read through the Bible in a year - in just a few minutes a day, and be encouraged, every day, by the promises of God.

There's no other book like the Bible. It explains who we are, where we come from, and where we're going. It gives a glimpse of the one true God, and shows how, we as humans can know Him. It is, by its own description, "powerful". Get into this life-changing book with The KJV Daily Promise Bible.

What you'll find inside:
- The complete text of the beloved King James Version of the Bible
- A convenient January 1 - December 31 reading arrangement
- Daily entries including Old and New Testament passages, plus readings from the Psalms or Proverbs
- A highlighted Bible promise for each day, explained and applied

This easy Bible reading plan features the most trusted and beautiful scripture text available. God has promised to bless those who read His Word... so why not begin now? Claim your blessing with The KJV Daily Promise Bible.

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