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Missa da Requiem

Bach, Johann Christian

Prijs: € 17,99
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EAN : 3149020209820
Artiest(en) : Bach, Johann Christian
Verschenen : Juli 2015
Uitvoering : Audio visuele media
Conditie : Nieuw

After an acclaimed disc of Johann Ludwig Bach, Hans-Christoph Rademann continues his fascinating exploration of the most famous musical dynasty. Born in 1735, the 'London Bach' was the youngest of Johann Sebastian's sons. He seems to have remained in his father's shadow until the age of 19, when he had the chance to travel to Italy, very likely to receive guidance from the celebrated Padre Martini, as his (future) friend Mozart was to do some years later. It was in Milan that he wrote the two works recorded here, including an incredible Requiem with a completely unexpected formal design; in matters of style, however, the 22-year-old composer had already laid the foundations of all his later output.

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