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All Sons & Daughters live

All Sons & Daughters

Prijs: € 17,99
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Artikelnummer : 000768518823
Artiest(en) : All Sons & Daughters
Verschenen : November 2016
Uitvoering : Audio visuele media
Conditie : Nieuw

LIVE features 'All Sond and Daughters' band members Leslie Jordan and David Leonard sharing their best-loved songs, including "All The Poor and Powerless" and "Reason to Sing," together with new songs, all delivered in a congregationally-friendly, organic worship setting. The fifth project from the critically acclaimed Franklin, Tennessee based worship duo, who see their music as an extension of their church, they're known for writing songs that focus on Jesus while embracing the tensions of the Christian life.

"Our main goal,” says Leslie, “is to create this space where people can come and engage with God, and we kind of get out of the way. There's a level of intentionality to everything we do. We really strive to make things as beautiful and appealing as we would want them to be." "We're not trying to sway emotions," adds David, "We are really trying to tell a story and move people through a progression from brokenness to grace to finding freedom."

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